Wondering why Donald Trump is attacking his Republicans? It’s in his nature.

Dorothea Mordan
4 min readDec 29, 2020

“It’s in my nature”. That’s what the scorpion said after fatally stinging the frog who had carried him safely across the river.

In September 2019 a friend asked me who I thought would be president in January 2021.

I thought about this à la the frog and scorpion fable. The question wasn’t who would win the election. Here is my response and answer to my title question.

Predictions as of November 7, 2019
President as of January 1, 2021
(or really anytime up to 01/20/21)
Nancy Pelosi
The dominoes are lining up; Trump losing support, people losing interest in him and gaining interest in other politicians, people seeing he supports no one…. impeachment is viable; or resigning for “family or health reasons” to avoid the embarrassment of impeachment
[12/27/2020 note: and now he has any number of reasons to save face and gain support money].
Trump has already implicated Pence in the Ukraine issue. He won’t protect his vice president any more than anyone else he threw under a bus.
[whatever happens to] Trump … [will happen to] Pence …, and he’ll have Trump to blame; along with himself for sucking up to a flimflam man.
I think any of this, not because of “politics”, but basic human nature.

(And in September 2019) At some point Mitch McConnell will throw Trump under the bus [12/27/2020 note: don’t know when, just see him as even more of a scorpion than Trump]. A week or so after this prediction the headline (in the Wash Post?) was something like “McConnell says he doubts he can stop a Senate Impeachment Trial” … he had everything that he wanted and has no reason to protect or support Trump anymore. But, Moscow Mitch had never before stood between Trump and Consequences (that I can recall). [12/27/2020 note: I still don’t think he has any reason that he has to support Trump, Moscow Mitch just wants more stuff — all he can get — like a big fat dragon on a pile of gold].

Will my predictions prove right? It doesn’t matter. What matters is to keep paying attention. On to my title question…

It’s just about what’s in Trump’s nature. He can’t stop himself from hurting people who hurt his feelings, even if they have always supported him otherwise. And he can’t stop himself from acquiring more stuff.

Dorothea Mordan

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