Let’s consider Healthcare this January, 2024, the Year of the Vote

Dorothea Mordan
4 min readDec 20, 2023
2024 Year of the Vote. In January, Let’s consider health care.
Exercising your Voting Rights has never been more valuable in protecting your right to Full Body Autonomy.

We’ve done it again. Open season on healthcare — choosing a plan, believing we have power over our health.

Our American history of health insurance has great impact on our current healthcare accessibility. Through the 1950s and 1960s, health insurance evolved into an institution unto itself with the advance of “Employee Benefits”. As the national corporate structure grew, paying employees with “benefits” became an indispensable part of business costs. Benefits are business expenses which are not taxable in the same way as a paycheck. Corporations save money on benefits, so they give generously.

Corporate employees are not everyone, in any country. America has lots of self employed people and lots of employees whose employers find ways to give them just enough paid hours to benefit the business. But not enough to require the business to offer benefits — in this way, health insurance is not available for everyone who works and participates in our society.

Health insurance companies, driven by cost calculations, decide how, where and when a policy holder can get medical care. Such companies are making medical decisions based on economic evidence. Whatever the relationship between costs and statistics of the efficacy of various medical treatments, an insurance company is effectively practicing medicine without a license.

For years the Democrats in Congress have focused on healthcare. The goal is to pull the resources already in healthcare into a connected system that provides care to all Americans. They came up with, and delivered, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Our country is too big to create or dismantle a national system for everyone everywhere. The ACA was developed and put in place to start filling those gaps in access to medical care.

The ACA works. A person I know, has medications that, in the mysterious retail ways of pharmaceutical companies, are billed at $500,000.00 annually. A healthcare policy under the ACA insures that it is fully covered. The operative word — insures. The Affordable Care Act fulfills its mandate; it insures that medical care will not bankrupt a family.

The system is convoluted, and can be confusing even to the tech savvy shopper on any State healthcare and…