“It’s in my nature”. That’s what the scorpion said after fatally stinging the frog who had carried him safely across the river.

In September 2019 a friend asked me who I thought would be president in January 2021.

I thought about this à la the frog and scorpion fable. The question wasn’t who would win the election. Here is my response and answer to my title question.

Predictions as of November 7, 2019
President as of January 1, 2021
(or really anytime up to 01/20/21)
Nancy Pelosi
The dominoes are lining up; Trump losing support, people losing interest in him and gaining interest…

Dorothea Mordan

Working on Themes for our www.TinyPlanet.earth, and Eco-friendly Products at www.ChandlerDesignsLimited.com/shop. dorothea@tinyplanet.earth

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