“It’s in my nature”. That’s what the scorpion said after fatally stinging the frog who had carried him safely across the river.

In September 2019 a friend asked me who I thought would be president in January 2021.

I thought about this à la the frog and scorpion fable. The…

Everyone has a story of why voting matters.

If you don’t vote, you are writing someone else’s story.

Today voting matters to me because we in the United States of America have been given a gift that many people never get, the right to put our needs on the record…

A two part essay on re-entering society and reclaiming rights.

Reclaiming the right to vote

It is said that there are only so many plots, no truly new stories.

The parable of saving one starfish is the age old story of the underdog.

You know, the one about a child on a beach filled with…

When a critical number of people see a problem, some start seeing an answer.

This essay has to start with a shout out to one of my favorite urban legends/intellectual theories — The Hundredth Monkey Effect. In short, this is a reference to a 1950’s research study of monkeys, which…

Street scene of daily life in China, by Eva Dunlap. Undated circa 1920s. Digital file ©2019 All rights reserved.

China and the Unites States are in the midst of trade negotiations. There are China-Europe and China-Everywhere-else-in-the-world negotiations going on as well. There is a long and complex history which illuminates the differences, striking or nuanced, between the players.

Here is one small piece of that history.

In 1911 Eva…

Whatever is coming next is opportunity for success in ways you haven’t imagined yet.

Celebrate 2019 and new opportunity… Spring is Coming!

Happy New Year 2019! Many have said goodbye and good riddance to 2018. I can empathize. …

The Founding Fathers understood that to protect themselves from each other
they had to agree to protect each other from themselves.

The foundation of the US Constitution comes down to the Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated. In virtually every Article and Amendment there is language…

A consumer’s perspective on health insurance cost vs health care value.

Once upon a time in America there were Industrial and Gilded Ages. Wealthy men organized the means of production and the labor to run it. Jobs were offered that provided wages and a place to live near the factories…

Ed is a working guy and was an on-the-road serviceman for 30 years, first with Southland Corporation (7–11), then 25 years with a chemical company where he designed, installed and maintained chemical pumping systems. In his mid-forties he was laid off. This was at the end of the housing bubble…

Dorothea Mordan

Working on Themes for our www.TinyPlanet.earth, and Eco-friendly Products at www.ChandlerDesignsLimited.com/shop. dorothea@tinyplanet.earth

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